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2012_8_24 Tina & Charlie 72Protect your horse inside and out….naturally with essential oils!

Almost all of the products on the shelf for our horses are synthetically made, even the so called “natural” products.  There are so many horses that have thyroid issues, bowel issues, liver and kidney problems and arthritis than ever before.   Could some of it be because of the toxic chemicals we are exposing our horses to everyday?

Essential oils are highly-concentrated plant extracts (sometimes called the blood of the plant). The oils are generally steam distilled from leaves, flowers, stalks, roots, resin or bark. True gifts from nature!

In the wild horses roam and find plants that contain beneficial essential oils that they would need.   Chewing and stripping bark from trees, rolling in certain plants, smelling plants while grazing, and even standing and walking through certain plants – would all expose a horse to Nature’s wonderful plant oils.

seed-to-seal-plantYoung Living sets the standard for purity when it comes to essential oils and that is why we choose to use them for our horses.  Every step of the essential oil production is monitored from beginning to end, through a unique seed to seal process®, guaranteeing the highest possible therapeutic value for every essential oil.  This commitment to quality means Young Living Essential Oils are both pure and unadulterated.

Here are just a few things that we use Young Living for around our barn:

  • Natural Fly Spray
  • General Wellness and Healthy Immune System Maintenance
  • Relaxation and Emotional Balancing
  • Cleaning Buckets, Stalls & Water Troughs

Animal Scents™ Care Kit – Large Animal Animal Scents™ Care Colle14267060988_ab5ed70628_oction supports the proper growth and animal-scents-old-vonormal life cycles of a wide-variety of animals. Inside are six, formulated in appropriate strengths for animals, exclusive essential oil blends that address the most common animal conditions. In addition to the essential oil blends, Animal Scents™ Care Collection offers products and accessories for both small and large animals.

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There are so many more oils that can be included in your barn kit, these are some of our favorites. Click each bottle for more information.
 DiGize  Purification  Panaway  Thieves

Animal Scents™ Ointment is blend5165ed with Melaleuca alternifolia and myrrh, two of nature’s most powerful essential oils. It is a protective and soothing salve formulated for external use on animals. Typically used for minor skin irritations, cuts, and abrasions, the rich blend of ingredients is effective yet gentle and safe, so you can soothe your pets without using harmful chemicals or synthetic products.

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Please contact us for additional information on using Young Living Essential Oils for your animals and your family.