Facilities-Our Stalls

Our Stalls  Our 12’x12′ stalls are concreted and fully matted. Each stall has automatic waterers so the horses always have clean, fresh water available. Hay storage is above each stall making it quick and easy at feeding time. Cleaning is also made easy by utilizing composting and environmentally friendly methods. Our compost area is also concreted so you’re not pushing wheelbarrows through the mud and muck.




Facilities-Our arenaOur Arena

The arena is 60’x96′ with a great mixture of sand and shavings for excellent footing. An automatic water system provides great dust control. There is more than enough light to find the “needle in the haystack” in the darkest winter evening.




Facilities-Our Runs


Our Runs
Most stalls have a 56′ run that uses a buried drain pipe to help keep things drier.


Facilities-Our Partners


Our Partners
At Goose Creek Stables, we do not separate the horses when turning them out.  They are pastured in mixed herds so that they can frolic, play and socialize with others as they do in nature.

Facilitites-Our Necessay Room





Our Necessary Room
Don’t worry it just looks like an old outhouse.  It is very clean and maintained. You won’t have to hold it till you get home!


Facilities-Our Pastures



Our Pastures
At Goose Creek Stables we have 5 1/2 acres that includes a wet weather sacrifice pasture that the horses are turned out on all year long. We also have 4 other pastures that we safely introduce and rotate the horses through from April to September. This helps to cut down on feed expenses and allows more movement.


Facilities-Our round pen


Our Round Pen
Our 50′ Round Pen, located in the sacrifice pasture has the same great footing as the arena. A place for safety when your partner is a little “impulsive”.