About Us & Our Horses

 Tina and Charlie Charlie & Tina 

We met in 1999 and both had a love for horses. We were married in 2001 and moved to Eagle Creek, Oregon in 2002. Since that time we have been working on our home and horse facility. We stumbled across Parelli Natural Horsemanship in 2005 and have been progressing on our wonderful journey in horsemanship ever since.We had a slow start due to wet winters and no place to ride until we put up the arena in 2007.  We completed a 4 week Fast Track Program at the Colorado Parelli Center in summer of 2010 and Charlie soon after became a Parelli Instructor.  (Charlie is currently on a leave of absence as a 2-Star Junior Instructor)Tina became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2012 and loves working with clients through Nutritional Therapy ~ Hair Mineral Analysis ~ and Essential Oils.  Visit Tina’s Healthy Living


Our Fun

One of our favorite things to do is trail riding. Each year we spend a week with our best friends Sam and Sherry in the mountains of Central Oregon. We have been everywhere from the Three Sisters Wilderness Area to Black Canyon Wilderness and all over the Ochocos. Below is a picture from 2009 when we rode to Mt. Pisgah.   Our Fun

Our Equine Partners

  Hasta La Viva – 1996 Thoroughbred gelding.  This is Tina’s horse “Arnold” who is a very challenging and complicated Right-Brain Extrovert. Tina bought Arnold as a two year old and started him with a lot of help from her Uncle John. He can switch from being unconfident to a punk in a moment. He is the kind of horse you just have to love!  


Three Oh’s a Goin’ – 2001 Appendix Qtr Horse gelding.  This is Charlie’s horse “Bubba” who is a Left-Brain Introvert. You could say Bubba was a wedding present. Tina’s Uncle John gave us a breeding as a wedding gift, and after several fillies our Thoroughbred mare “Miss GoGo Dancer” finally had a colt. The breeding was to a Quarterhorse which gave us a great cross. Bubba was the only baby we kept.


 Charlie & Bubba 2a-2012